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Yellowish skin tones with sd9


Well-Known Member
Sorry did not see this post...Do a custom WB before you shoot...this should correct it...if not make sure and shoot RAW SPP will correct for it...

Tony C.


Active Member
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What application(s) do you use to convert the X3F file to your preferred output file? i.e. JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc, etc?
Do you have a Gretag-Macbeth ColorChecker card?

The long way round is to use Adobe's stuff in the following order:

RAW to DNG converter: makes a DNG file from your SD9's X3F file

DNG Profile Editor: lets you push the (color-picked) skin tone in any direction you like while affecting other colors as little as possible. The DNG image is not changed although it's preview on-screen is. Then you can save your efforts as a DNG camera profile (.dcp).

Adobe Camera RAW (ACR): open your DNG file and (ACR 4.4 onwards) select your new camera profile. Then your color adjustment is automatically applied to your output image from ACR.

The short way is to mess with the color adjustment circle in Sigma Photo Pro - but other colors in your pic will likely be affected too.

good luck,


Jim Roden

New Member
Hi cant help you with the skin tones sorry but i wonder if you could help me with somthing....
i have a sd 9 and it has today decided it will not power up the back display i can not enter the menu at all, also it is not reading the cf card ether. Any advice would be grateful

Br Jim