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Yellowstone Lake


New Member
I photo taken of Yellowstone lake near the East entrance to the park. Just after a storm had broken...



Gold CI-Patron
Hi David

This certainly is a very nice picture. I would like to go there once. :)

However, for me the picture lacks something. It feels a little bit empty, although there is the rainbow. Also I would like to see the highlights recovered a bit and also a frame around the picture would be nice, in my opinion.

Why don't you try out our Gallery? You can find it in the section "Photos" in the upper menu. When you register there, you can upload photos, let or prevent other users from rating and commenting them and you can also add keywords and metadata to your pictures. Give it a try. :)



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Hi David,

Just to avoid misunderstandings: You can of course use both, the image-talk sections here within the Canon community, which is Canon-only and the brand-independant photo gallery, which is obviously not restricted to Canon.

Best wishes


New Member
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Thanks much for the feedback on the photo - that is helpful. I like the idea of a frame and I should use that more for display of my photos in forums. I will also give the gallery function a look as well. Thanks for the tip.

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Yeah - good point and I will continue to post here as well as I want to get feedback on photos from people that are shooting with similar equipment to what is in my bag - I think that can be very useful at times.

Thanks again.