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Zeiss 135/2 Limited Edition Lens



Does anyone have experience with this lens? This lens was issued very early in the first years of the RTS camera. It was reissued later as an anniversary limited edition.

Has anyone seen an objective report on this lens's performance, especially compared at f/2.8 to other f/2.8 135mm lenses?


> Between 2.8 and 16 there is no visible performance difference. At least I > can't see any. For an image of the limited lens visit
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Hi Thomas,

I have used the Planar 135/2.0 and the 135/2.8 for some years and overall their performances are similar. Both lenses came with the first RTS in 1975.

My personal favourite of the two is the Planar 2.0. Stopped down one step it produces the most beautiful, silky yet crisp picture. I have used it a lot for concerts/stage performances.

A bit on the heavy side, though.




I've used the 135 f/2 for years and love it. I use it for protraits and landscapes, esp. in conjunction w/ the mutar which makes it a 270 f/4. The images are super sharp.


I have the original f/2 135. I always use the metal lens hood to protect the glass. The front element is big (72mm filter size!) and is protected only by a small rim, so it can be easily damaged. The lens itself is big and very heavy- I mean, seriously heavy, heavier than most Contax bodies - but worth every gram/ounce. It produces wonderful images - this is a lens you definitly want to use wide open. Because it's so fast, you get an incredibly bright image in the viewfinder, and it's very easy to use the microprisms and split image when focusing. It's a pleasure to use.

Something to be aware of: this lens cannot be used on a tripod with all Contax cameras. The lens barrel is so thick that it extends below the camera's baseplate on some bodies. Mounted on a tripod, the aperture ring would be mashed against the tripod mounting plate. Not only would this jam the aperture ring, you could potentially damage the lens or camara if you tightened the tripod screw.

The bodies that I know have this problem are the RTS, RTS II, 139 Q, and S2. I've never used the 159, but it looks like its baseplate is also too short. The 137 MA and 137 MD might be OK; can someone else confirm this?

If you add a motor or winder to the RTS, RTS II or 139 Q, then these bodies will work fine. With their tall bodies and fat battery compartments, the RTS III and AX have no problem. From pictures, it looks like the RX is OK because of its fat baseplate.

The f/2 135mm is not the only lens that is too thick for tripod mounting on some bodies; others that I own are the f/1.4 35mm, f/1.4 85mm, and the f/3.5 200mm.

My 139Q came with a white plastic spacer that you could put between the camera and tripod to address this problem, but my S2 did not come with this. It would be easy to rig something up; simply find a piece of wood, plastic, rubber or other material that's thick enough, drill a hole in it for the tripod screw, and put it between the camera and mounting plate.

- Paul


Hi Paul, The 35/1.4AE and 135/2 Limited Edition are my dream lenses! May I view your pics from these 2 great lenses? Thanks. John


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I have heared by word of mouth that the 2.0/135 has a big problem with lens flare. Any experience to share? especially which bodies /mirror boxes are better matted (the 159mm isnt!) ? Thanks, rainer


Hi Rainer,
The earlier (2002) responses are spot on. I have not bothered with the MM anniversary version because I have a couple of the much older original AE lenses. I have never had flare problems with them although I have always used them with a 72/86 adapter and #3 Hood. The lens is heavy but does produce beautiful, crisp images.

However, it won't seat on many tripods without a spacer for most Contaxes (except when drives or battery holders are attached), the exceptions being Preview I & II, 137 MA, MD & CGCM, RTSIII, ST, RX, AX.

Kind regards,