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Zeiss 35-70 zoom blues


New Member
This past weekend, my attempt to sell my Zeiss 35-70 for ContaxG on Ebay attracted no bidders. I suspect that one major reason for this was the fact that I felt obligated to disclose that when you put a filter on this lens the ring that holds the filter moves when the filter is fully on. Since the lens works very well in all respects, I opined that this might have been intended as a way of preventing overenthusiastic wrists from overtightening filters. Yet, since I was not able to document this, I disclosed and the rest is history.

Question, does anyone else have a 35-70 that does the same thing with filters? Does anyone know if my hypothesis is correct and whether the phenomenon I described is normal? If not, any theories on what the matter might be?

I welcome your advice!



Active Member
I will check my 35-70 when I get back to Dana Point on Sunday--but I am almost certain that my filter ring does the exact same thing.