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Zeiss 60mm Macro lenses



Apart from the differences in size, weight and magnification ratio, are there any differences in the quality of images produced by the 60mm MM C lens and the 60mm AE lens? With an Aria body which would the size & weight of the AE version be a problem? Thanks for your answers and any other thoughts on these two lenses.


The Zeiss S-Planar T* 60mm F2.8 macro lens is a very sharp lens with beautiful bokeh. The Zeiss 60mm C (stands for compact) is not popular because of the lower in quality. Get yourself the S-Planar.



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I have two 60 2.8 now. The one made in Japan Nr 7958134 has the Makro-Planar written on it. I have been shooting it for a while. I agree that it has beautiful bokeh and skin tone.

The one I brought 2 days ago was made in West Germany Nr 6684541 has S-Planar written on it. Are these two lenses different ? I have not shot the second one yet.