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Zeiss Distagon Arriflex PL 1235mm Screw or M mount


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It's a motion picture lens designed to work on Airiflex cameras, Why you'd use it on a still camera is beyond me, there are as good of choices for a lot less


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It is perfectly OK to ask about something you don't know in this forum.

If you know about other good choices, please tell us so. Simply saying there is without telling is just no good. It might be hard to find a better alternative. The important reason is this is a 35mm f1,2. Have you ever seen a 35mm f1.2 in the past ? I, myself, have never seen one.

I heard from a number of sources saying that the lenses from the motion pictures are a lot better than those from the still cameras. So I really wish to know how good this one is.

It is very difficult to make a good 35mm f1,2, even Leica did not make it.

One comparable ex&le is Leica 35m f1.4 ASPH. This lens is more expensive than this Arriflex Zeiss lens. It only goes to f1.4 though.

If one wants to know what happens at f1.2, you really have no choice but to try this Arriflex lens. There is no alternatives.


>[Ther is an alternative - CV Nokton 35/1.2 asph. One can get it from >cameraquest for only $800. Apparently is is as good as summilux 35/1.4 >asph.]