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Zeiss G 45mm lens flare




I just bought a G1 with a 45mm, P filter and a GG-2 hood. Suffice it to say that I am very pleased with this camera.

The problem is though, that after about 5 rolls of film I have noticed an artifact in many of the images -- a red spot, shaped like a fingernail, near the centre of the frame just below the middle. I assume this is a flare but since it is happening so much I am afraid it might be something else. I've used Canon SLR equipment for years and have almost never gotten this amount of flare. What gives?

I hope this is just an "unknowledgeable user error" and can get fixed with more experience on this camera.

Thank you, in advance, for any thoughts on you may have on this issue.

Patricio Davila


New Member

as far as remote diagnosis goes, this does not seem to be flare.
Firstly I have never ever encountered flare with Planar 45 (with or without the hood), and second it is unlikely that this would be always in the same area.

I would check the lens, and nevertheless throw away the uncoated P-filter.
Hold the lens before a light source at full aperture and search for anything odd.




Flare does not repeat in the manner mentioned in your post. I have not had any flare with any of my CZ T* lenses. Till is right - get rid of the uncoated P-filter. I do not use filters on my lenses unless I need one. The CZ T* lenses are sonme of the best available and filters will just degrade the quality of the image.

If you could post a couple of the bad images, maybe someone would be able to spot something.

Try shooting another roll without the filter. Shoot at an angle the sun. If there is flare, this is where you would see it.