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Zeiss G35 test shots



Thank you for posting this! It's really ncie of you to share all that effort.
To me it's impressive how good the results are--sure, f:2 is softer than f:5.6, but still very good.



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I agree. Thanks for posting the results. Since you are closest to the data, what conclusions do you have with respect to resolution. Also, you might want to consider Neat Image for scanner noise reduction. It works wonders and I can detect a little of your crops. PM me for details. Again, nice job.



In terms of resolution, I think f/5.6 and f/8.0 is very similar, nearly the best among all the aperture settings.

Since I could notice that the images after processing with ICE would be cleaner, the resolution would be reduced. So I decide to set ICE off when the images were scanned.


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What surprised me was the quality of the f2.8 crops!

Great effort - nicely presented too, Jacky!

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.


Thank you very much!

Hope my test shots could help all of you to know more about your lens, no matter whether you have already owned it or you wanna decide to buy it.