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Zeiss Ikon New ZM mount Lenses

Hello, Everyone.
Happy new year ^^

In Korea Leicaclub (Internet site), recently there are some debates about the image quality of Zeiss new ZM mount lenses.

Zeiss and Cosina exhibited just one lense in the previously expressed total 8 lenses.
And Asahi Camera, Japanese photo journal analysed that lense, planar 50mm F1.5.
It said that the new Zeiss lense showed more warm and courteous color tone than leica lenses.
Then, that lense seems to suit for presentation of coccaccian white skin than oriental yellow skin.
In Korean leicaclub, many users wait for the lense, but on the other hand, have some doubt for the lense.
Because many users have experienced to have disappointment about the cosina voigtlander lenses. (new zeiss ZM mount are OEM producted from the Cosina, japan except just 2 model.)

I wonder how the american leica users feel the ZM lenses?
Thank you for reading my article.
Happy new year.^^


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Zeiss Ikon lenses on M mount should be regarded as Zeiss lenses even though they are made in Japan by Cosina.

A while ago someone revealed a site in which showed detail comparisons of the ZM 50 2 with other Voigtlander(sorry can't put the two dots on) 50 lenses. Different photos made by these lenses in different situations were shown. I was able to see all these photos and Zeiss Planar M50 outperforms the Voigts at all apertures in terms of colour reproduction,lack of distortion, resolutions and large scale contrast. Zeiss does work to keep their reputation above the Voigt.

How is the new ZM 50 2 compared to the 50 2 Summicron ?
Zeiss already made a very good 45 2 Planar in the Contax G system.Summicron is better than G45 at f2 in resolution, but the reversal is true at f4. I know this because I have both. From the MTF graph ZM 50 is marginally better than G45 at f2 but similar at f4.
All these 3 lenses are very good. I would choose Leica for the dimensional feel,good performence at f2 and I would go for Zeiss for the reproduction of vivid colours. All 3 lenses are able to produce images of very good sharpness.