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Zeiss Lens Compatibility

New Member
I have a Contax RTS II camera, which is over 30 years old with a Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1,4/85mm Objective. I would like to buy a digital slr camera body. Does anybody know which camera models (Canon, Sony etc.) would take this Bajonett lens? Also if this lens would be compatible or not for Digital cameras? Thanks for any replies. G.Hards


Hallo Ghards

Welcome at!

there is no lens mount with DSLRs for the Contax/yashica lenses. You only can use those lenses with adapters on different brands.

Canon DSLRs are the most used DSLRs with Contax/zeiss lenses and adapter. If you need fullfarme, buy a Canon 5D. Used around 1000.- Euro. The adapter from Contax to Canon mount costs on ebay between 20-40 Euro.

No communication between body and lenses in this case. Manual focus of course, aperture priority or full manual. m,etering always stopped down.

I use this combo and like it. I use also the New Zeiss ZS lenses (designed for digital photography) with it.

Another possibility is Sigma Sd14. very cheap and with the Foveon sensor impressive images. But it is a kind of beast. Like always also with disadvantages. But there is no easy adaptation possible with old Contax lesnes. only with teh new Zeiss ZS lenses (m42 mount)

If you have further questions, feel free to post it here...

best wishes

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Zeiss Objective Compatibility

Hello Dirk,
Many thanks for your very interesting information. I shall take up your advice and try out the Canon 5D. Regards, G.Hards


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I am in almost the same situation Contax RTS II with several Zeiss lenses (28/2, 60macro/2.8 and 100/2). Thinking of getting aboard the Sony system, but I do not want to give up on my wonderfull Zeiss lenses. There seem to be different possibilities these days

1. Canon
2. Olympus (3/4)
3. Panasonic G1 (3/4)

Any info as to the merits and demerits of any of these choices would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Bob.

New Member
Adapter for Zeiss/Canon EOS

Hi Zoomo,
Apparently Kindai make an adapter for Canon eos models to take manual Zeiss lenses. There are no problems as with the german adapter from Hubert (same price) with the focusing, infinity etc. The cost is about €170. Anything cheaper... hands off! regards, Geoff


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Thanks a lot for your reply Geoff! I did some reading on the net and found that for the 100mm f2 and the 60mm macro f2.8 there would be no problem, but that for the 28mm f2 there might be a problem with the mirror. Do you know anything about that with the converters you suggest. In any case I will contact the makers and let you kow what they say.

I am thinking of a Canon 5D if I can still find one.

Thanks again, cheers, Bob.


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I can't use the 60mm Macro Planar on the Canon Eos 10d as the aperture lever makes contact with the mirror box and scrapes a groove in the surface. I have no idea if the mirror makes contact as I have never tried to take a picture with that lens attached.

The same problem afflicts the Mutar I as well. And you can't attach the Auto Bellows as the pentaprism overhang doesn't allow the bayonet to rotate. All in all, the 10d isn't very good for close-up work!


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Zeiss Objective Compatibility

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the latest info! I only know that an Olympus body is imcompatible as the Zeiss Objective with adapter is too near to the mirror. I shall continue to find all the information that I can, before ordering an adapter or going into a photographer's and asking for his advice. Best solution for us would be a friendly handler who would be prepared to let us experiment with the different adapters available, but where do you find those now-a-days? Good hunting, will get back as soon as I have found something concrete. Regards, Geoff.


New Member
Hello all
Another possibility, that you don't seem to be considering, is converting the Zeiss lenses from C/Y to Pentax K mount. I'm using a Pentax K10D with these:

Zeiss C/Y Planar 50/1.4
Zeiss C/Y Sonnar 85/2.8
Zeiss C/Y Distagon 25/2.8
Zeiss C/Y Sonnar 135/2.8

Allow me to shamelessly promote my little photography blog (xxx), where you can find samples of photos taken with these and details on how the conversion can be done.


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Please upload the images here. We do not allow those linkings, since the images get lost over the time (url changes) and with this a thread does not make sense anymore ;)



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Well... there goes the promotion of my blog... I'm attaching two images I quite like, taken with the Planar 50mm f1.4 and the Sonnar 85mm f2.8 mounted on the Pentax K10D.

I was using a Contax 167 MT and Zeiss glass for years. Then I switched to Pentax digital and got a few Pentax zooms. But when I found out that the C/Y mount could be converted to Pentax mount (thanks to the services of Leitax), I simply stopped using those zooms and went back to Zeiss glass. I couldn't be happier with my current setup.

May I at least say that my blog is called "Exposing Pixels", on Blogspot?... :)


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The conversion implies removing the original C/Y bayonet and attaching the new K one. This bayonet costs 58 €. Leitax (
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) sells some extra accessories, including the screwdriver and a few other helpful items. The conversion procedure is relatively simple and the final result is reliable. You can also send in the lens for the conversion, for an additional 50 € + shipping costs. The Leitax site explains the conversion procedure in detail (it actually looks more complicated than it is). The conversion can be reversed anytime, just by switching the bayonets again.

In the end you have only Av and M modes available. For me it was no problem, since I was using Av mode most of the time anyway. Of course, one also has to get used to stopped down meetering. Focus confirmation works, so you have a visual indication in the viewfinder when the image is in focus.

I think the Leitax site is quite informative, but feel free to ask if you have more questions concerning my experience with this.