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Zeiss m


New Member
i wonder d your guy ever testing it yet? is it good enough to buy if i compare to leica in the same length?


Active Member
Pat, try the Hexanon-M 28/2.8. Very high quality optic with excellent build quality.



Well-Known Member
ZM35 2 and ZM25 2.8 are amazingly good. If you compare them to Leica, they are as good with different taste.


Evening all. I have all prime Hexanon-M lenses and I switch them all back and forth between my several Leica-M's including a CL model and the Hexar RF without any concerns. The 28 in particular is a great lens with tremendous contrast, color definition and very little distorsion. Build quality is outstanding, better than CV and in some cases Leica(my Cron Asph 35 is not as precisely built as the corresponding 35 Hexanon regarding the mechanical assembly). I also have the 75 Color Heliar and comparisons are obviuos as far as build materials are concerned. Regards Fernando