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Zeiss N 17-35mm Coating and Cleaning


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I just picked up a demo 17-35 from a reputable dealer. There are some grease marks (I think) on the rear element and some spot marks (water, drool, something) on the front element. I do not "clean" my lenses often and I was wondering if the front element, in particular, sports a tough coating (I know it's a T coating) that can be effectively cleaned.

I have Opticlean so there should be no need to rub but I just wanted to know if anyone has had any issues cleaning this beast before I try it.

Thanks in advance for the tips.



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Hi Kent,

It seems you know the most important point already - don't rub any more than you need to.

Living in Cornwall I enjoy a lot of coastal photography, and consequently sea spray is a big problem.
I think the important thing is to not leave spot marks on for too long, especially if you don't know what caused them.

As well as the dangers of salt spray, perspiration and spittle contain all sorts of corrosive enzymes and chemicals and should be removed ASAP. A finger print left on a front element can do lasting damage.

Just use purpose designed fluids and VERY soft cleaning cloths, rubbing as you say as little as possible. Then the coating should be fine.



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Try clean your lens with can-air first, then your breath with a micro fabric. Some lens cleaning agent is difficult to get rid of. I have a Zeiss lens cleaning agent I got from somewhere but never have a need to use it. Just my breath and micro will do the job most of the time.

I shot a beach wedding once and end up a lot of spray on the filter. I raised it off the warm tap water and it is as good as new. I wiped down my camera and lenses afterward.