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Zeiss Sonnar 100/3.5


Sonnar 100/3.5 what do you know about this lens? how good is it compared to the other 100mm lenses still in production?


Manual focus Sonnar 100/3.5 is one of the best lens ever made by any company! And it is very compact! I even seems to need no lens shade...

Who prefers a slightly shorter FL may go to the 85mm f/2.8, which has identical optical design, just compressed to 85%. It is nearly as perfect, and spectacular compactness (hardly longer than a 50mm Planar).


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I have the S100 and Planar 100/2. Both are optically excellent (in different ways). The Sonnar is much cheaper and lighter, so I carry it everywhere. The Planar is awesome wide open, but really wants a heavier body like the RTSIII.


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i have on and find it to be a superb lens.

never checked it side by side with other production zeiss/contax lenses, but have h'blad, bronica, and canon systems and it is among the best performs across the board and my preferred lens on my 167, have had it a number of years with n problems or issues.

i concur re it being nearly flare proof. did not come with a hood and after initial testing i never bothered to get one.


Get it whenever you see it.
All 100mm Contax lens are outstanding 100f3.5 Sonnar is superb and light weight


Thanks for the response! I've bought it now and I must say that I'm very much pleased with it even though I haven't seen the results of it yet