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Zeiss Tele Apotessar 300/2.8 on eBay


After following the thread on the 85/1.2 with interest, I discovered an other item for those who want to go on dreaming: yes the legendary TA-T 300/2.8 is available on eBay, for the modest sum of 5399 Euros (~8200 CAN$). Well, at least the pictures are good. First time I actually see a picture of the hard case. Sure looks nice.

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G Couture

An assistant to carry it would be the price maybe one should be included! But it is a gorgeous lens. If a 200 f2 comes up I might be tempted...

Cheers to all my fellow dreamers.



Well-Known Member
Pretty high price for this lens in "user" condition.
I wonder how he/she managed to get all those scrapes!


Active Member
For those who do not have an assistant: There was a 4/300 at, which as NOT SOLD at 500 EUR "buy-now". Maybe it will appear once again ... Matthias


Active Member
It is over-priced for the condition.
You can get a used Canon L 300 f2.8 or a new
N Apotessar 400 f4 at much lower price.