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Zeiss Vario Sonnar 24-85 Focussing Speed


Well-Known Member
Hi Folks,

I've just had my N1 and 24-85 returned from Japan after repair (thanks to Manchester Airport Security!).
I think that the auto focus speed is slow. The battery is new as well. It takes just over a second to move from near focus to infinity. It seems a lot slower than before. how does that compare to yours? If it is too slow I will have to send it back.
Also when you zoom in and out do you feel a small jet of air coming out of the lower left rear of the camera body by the dc input?




Gold CI-Patron
The focus speed is not the greatest, but the 24-85 does focus pretty good.

The air coming out of the N1 - now there's something different. I don't recall that ever happening with mine.