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Zeiss vs. Topcor


New Member
I've been a big fan of Zeiss for almost as long as I been into b&w photography, which is about 8 years. I'm 31 and very anti-digital but I don't have the street cred of many of the older, more experienced and invested people in here, but I'm not a newby hipster playing with a new toy, either.

I've always liked Zeiss on Contax because it's a reliable, pleasant, exceptionally sharp way to make photographs.

But I recently learned about Topcor ... namely the 58 f1.4, which has remarkable resolution and sharpness. As the owner of a Planar 50 1.4, I thought I had the bees knees of normal primes, but the Topcor made me rethink.

Has anybody tested a the Planar against the Topcor?

Long-time lurker ... this is my first post.



New Member

Nobody has an opinion re: Topcor 58 1.4 v. Planar 50 1.4?

Surely somebody here has both lenses?


I think the Topcor is a relatively rare lens. I have no experience with it. I do have experience with its progeny, however, the Cosina Voigtlander 58mm 1.4 Nokton (or is it Ultron, I forget). Anyway, it's a beautiful lens with great bokeh, sharpness and contrast. Nicely made, too. I just thought it lacked "character', something it has in common with another Cosina Voigtlander lens, the 40mm f/2 first type I had. I sold it to finance a Summicron-R.