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Zeiss ZF documentation


I received Distagon 35/2 ZF from B&H today. The lens came without a warranty card and documentation. B&H rep. stated that this is how ZF lenses are sold. According to him Zeiss doesn't ship the lenses with documentation. Do you have the same experience? Has anybody received ZF lenses with documentation/warranty cards?

I think that even the least expensive lenses come with some paperwork.


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[That would be very strange in deed as Zeiss usually includes the warranty card, the mtf and performance diagrams all in a poly bag. B&H is usually very honest and upfront, however I suspect you have a gray market lens i.e. one that was intended for sale in another country. You can always check with Zeiss America if you suspect a problem.


Zeiss website has only German phone number.
It is really strange that $1000 lens came without papers.
Does anyone know the phone number of customer service in USA?


Thanks everyone!
I received an email from CZ USA. I was told that documentation was left out and that it would be forwarded to me.