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Zeiss ZS (M42) on Sigma SD14



I am an old Zeiss/Contax lover. So it is logical that I also want to use Zeiss glass on my SD14. There are cheap adapters out there on ebay to connect M42 lenses with Sigma mount.

Zeiss just presented 2 years ago a totally new lens line. Designed for digital SLRs

The do offer the lenses with Nikon mount (ZF), Pentax mount (ZK) and M42 mount (ZS). At photokina 2008 they also announced Canon mount, but this is not in teh shelves of teh dealers yet.

For Sigma owners the ZS lenses are the most interesting ones. Unfortunately, there is only a ZS 25/2.8, 35/2.0 and 50/1.4 with M42 mount available, The reason for this is that for the other lenses (which are available with ZK and ZF mount), the size of teh M42 mount is too small.

I do own the Zeiss ZS 50/1.4 and the Zeiss ZS 35/2.0. I use both with the Sigma SD14 successfully. Manual focus and in aperture priority of course. Set the F stop on the camera to 1.0

Here are some images of the equipment:











And here an image taken with the SD14 & Zeiss ZS 50/1.4 very close at ca. F4, ISO either 400 or 800, I can not remember anymore...


Guest .

Hi All,

the above mentioned Zeiss-lenses are highest quality lenses .... no doubt! :)

The question, whether it makes sense to go for such lenses instead of buying SIGMA SA alternatives is a difficult one. Autofucus and automatic aperture control are nice features, too.

I use the M42-option to save money. I have a number of comparatively cheap but well-performing fixed-focal-lenses which have faster apertures than my SIGMA SA equipment.

The other thing simply is, that most of the old stuff is really good looking and very nice to hold in hands .... :)

See you with nice pictures