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Zuiko 1635


Hi Neil,

"...Just to let you know that I now have a Zuiko 16mm f/3.5 Fisheye lens, so I no longer need one..."

I saw your note in the second hand section. How do you like the lens so far? What are the pros and cons of it?


Active Member
Hi Dirk,

I've owned one in the past as well, so I'm reasonably familiar with it. So, even though I haven't yet had time to get prints back, I can tell you from previous experience that it's a nice lens. I was surprised just how sharp it is, it's impressive. There is some slight vignetting at f/3.5, but this is not surprising. From f/5.6 it seemed to be perfect if I remember it right! It has a yellow and orange filter built in for all you B&W shooters, and it is incredibly compact - even smaller than my Zuiko 21/3.5! I don't have the 40/2, but I'd guess that the fisheye would be a little bigger than that. Overall, it's up to the standard of the OM line IMO. If you can afford one, grab it!

Neil >