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  • biggles3
    The lenses are worth the cost of the adapter. I now also use a Fuji GFX 50S and there is a Fringer AF Adapter which allows the lenses...
  • biggles3
    biggles3 replied to the thread Possible RX battery problem.
    Hi - sorry to be so late but only just spotted your message. The most important question is: have you got another battery and checked...
  • biggles3
    biggles3 replied to the thread Fuji 6x6/6x7 I got.
    That's a lovely find; that lens is amazing. I use a lot of Fuji MF gear still and have also bought into their digital MF but I still...
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    • Fujica G690 - 100mm f3.5 Auto Electro lens.jpg
  • biggles3
    Yes - the Contax ND was famous (infamous) for being the first full-frame DSLR but there is always a risk when you are first to do...