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    If you are seriously interested in landscape and nature photography and you've never been to norway, you are missing out..

    There is no place on earth more beautifull around january,february..
    Things to bring along and places to go..

    Bring along: this is pretty much obvious, but you will need some serious clothing... Temperature can drop down to 40 cold ones, and you don't wanna sit there in a volcom sweater and look cool... cause when your skin starts to go blue you'll just look like a cool smurf, then a dead smurf..
    So, a warm jacket, wool underclothing, gloves and then mittons on top of the gloves. winter shoes. a good warm hat is a must.. lots of layers are the way to go. :)

    Places to go..
    Well, the nicest winter pics ever taken IMO are in Oppland, Norway..
    The biggest city in Oppland is lillehammer, you may know it from the 1994 winter olympics.. The forest and mountain area around are spectacular..
    You haven't lived until you are framing a moose with it's cote all covered in ice @35-40 below.. You don't wanna miss that.. ^^

    Here's a link to some of my crappy flickr shots.. Once my website is up and running again, I'll post the link for the nature section here..

    Have a nice trip.. :)
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    Dec 30, 2008
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    Hi Kai,

    you make me curious... why don't you upload some of your Norway pictures here. I'd love to see them.

    Norway is definitively one of the countries on my to-travel-list.

    Looking forward to seeing some impressions.


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