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    I am leaving on a short trip to London (2 days) and Paris (3 days).

    I know it's not enough to see the whole place, but which places in London and Paris are most "shoot-worthy" as far as photography is concerned?

    Thanks a bunch
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    My wife and I toured England and Scotland in 2 weeks a number of years ago. We stayed 2 days in London, and actually packed in a lot. Be sure to hit West Minster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, the Thames River, and Madame Tussaud's. Don't forget Trafalger square. The nice thing, however, is that a lot of these places are centralized. We walked most of these places within a day. As for Paris, unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to get there.
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    Some of the better places to shoot are:

    London Bridge from the Tower of London Side - particularly at dusk. An hour or so out of London you may want to get some of the classic shots of Stonehenge. If you want to take a day trip and get the most memorable pictures of all, go to the Cotswolds.

    In Parsi, apart from the obvios like the Ch&s Elysees, Eiffel Towe, take a 1/2 day to Versailles - the gardens are great. Also I found some really nice photo ops by walking paralles to the Ch&s (left bank of the river and the streets behind the main drag.
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    I would go for the very interestig people in the Leicester Square Park (oppersite the Odeon)then take a walk into soho (face the cinema follow the road on the left) .It looks well dodgy but THERE is no problem take some photos in and of the shops ask, there will be no problem there either.Then have a nice Chinese meal in one of the many eating houses (the more Chinese eating there the better AND look for the cheapest menus..
    Then climb on a open top city tour double decker. the weather in london at the moment is superb go on the top and snap shot to your hearts delight.spend £10.00 on post cards.get off at Tower Bridge AND go do the tour IN the bridge .walk another 500 yards from the bridge go onto HMS Belfast .Then walk along the river bank to the THE Globe Theater,This I will take you Seven hours.Go back to you hotel rest and take a show in the evening It can be done get your guide books out plan it DO IT if its on a postcard buy the post card SIMPLE
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    Another ountry closer to home is the country Of Mexico. Mexico is loaded with as much history that predate Paris, London, etc. I know all you think of is sea and surf and "Spring Break" crowds. Give Mexico a try. Start with Mexico City. Even though the city is very high in altitude (actually higher than Denver, I have seen it snow and sleet in Mexico City)it is a paradise and wealth of history and culture. There is unbeleivable sites to see from Mexico City, Merida, Pallenque, Oaxoca, much less the colonial cities to te north of Mexico City. Mexico City has it's smog, but if you are lucky you will hit it after a rare rain storm. Well here goes:
    1. National Cathedral(one or the largest in the Western Hemispher) that dates back several centuries.
    2. The pyramids in the Zocalo next to the Cathedral which are being excavated by archeologist and you are allowed to watch them work.
    3.Zocalo,(which can accomodate about 20,000)
    4.Chapultapec Park which has tremendous sites within it's boundaries, including a National Zoo with Pandas, the Palace sitting on peak overlooking the city when Mexico was ruled by the French. The Archeological Museum, which includes many civilizations including the Mayan, the Aztec, etc., etc.. The Museum is so large it takes at least 3 days to see.
    4. The Pyramids outside of Mexico City. Some of the best preserved in the world. There are at least 5 unbelievalbe pyramids to see including the monster. If you can make it to te top your are braver than I am.
    5. Guadalupe Cathedral which can accomodate 20,000 at one time, and the Cathedrals and churches that proceeded it. Many are sinking into the lake bed and are unaccessable.
    To the south is Merida, whose architecture looks that it is very out of place since it is where the French landed, and established their strong hold. All the architecture looks like it belongs in Paris. From Merida are a wealth of architectural runins of the Mayan including but not least Chichen Itza, Uxmal and hundreds of other sites yet to be uncovered.
    6. Finally one of my favorite sites is Oaxoca to the south of Mexico City. It is like going into another country entirely. The culture is different, the food is different, everything about Oaxoca is different from the rest of Mexico since it sits on the border with Guatemala. Please excuse my spelling, but people have talked about Europe when the Americas have alot if not more history. I forgot one thing about Mexico, but it is the pastries, and butter. The food in Mexico is on par with the countries in Europe.

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