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Discussion in 'Advice for phototrips' started by f3tshooter, May 30, 2003.

  1. f3tshooter

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    Hey, I'm going to DC for 4th of July. Anyone have suggestions, or cautions, since it's "post 9/11. I'm kind of leary about carrying a big camera bag (N80/FE2 + lenses) and security worries. Can a photog still takes pictures of "everything"?
  2. lamb010

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    I work in Washington D.C. as a photographer, as for the your camera bag. You may experience some hassle with security and police, but no more than a woman carrying a large purse. If you planning to photograph the Fireworks in the Mall, Leave the bag at the hotel and just bring the cameras and your tripod. Most likely, large bags and coolers will be banned. I would advise getting a photographers vest by Domke, and carry your lens in the pockets. As for photographing "everything", enjoy your self and shoot lots of film, there are a few really good labs in D.C. - "Chrome in Georgetown". Take care and enjoy your visit.


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