Sony announced today a new APS-C camera called A6400. It shall have amnong other features for videographers a much improved autofocus. Target group for this camera are bloggers and videographers.

It will be available in February 2019 and will cost 1049€.
Announcement Happy New Year 2019!
Dear members,

we wish you a happy New Year 2019 for you and your families!
Announcement Merry Christmas!
We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and realxing holidays!

Your CI-Team
Dear members,

we just opened a new community site specifically for the users of the new L-MOUNT alliance of Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.

If you are interested in this system, feel free to join there:
In this thread I will report live from the Photokina 2018. Both, from the press conferences tomorrow and on Wednesday from the photo fair
Dear Members,

as always we will do a Live-Blog from Photokina. The Live Blog well start tomorrow (Tuesday) with the most important press conferences and on Wednesday we willl continue to cover the photofair and walk through the different halls for you, to give you an impression on what is going on there...

So stay tuned and visit us over the 2 next days regularly in this Live-Blog thread:
Fuji announced today the successor of the Fuji X-T2. Although the modelname does not sounds like a big upgrade, Fuji surprised me with the feature list and improvements over the X-T2 and X-H1.

It looks like the X-T3 is a lot more attractive than the X-H1, although it has unfortunately no IBIS. But the list of improvements vs. X-T2 and X-H1 are impressive. In both worlds, video and photography. See also the videos below to get a first impression.

Better AF (still & sports) better facetracking, better viewfinder, 2 UHSII card slots, better video, etc. pp.

Finally, the Nikon D500 gets also from Fuji real competition.
There are rumors on the internet, that Panansonic will announce end of September a fullframe camera parallel to its MicroFourThird system. As an addition, not as a replacement to the MFT system.

According to these rumors, it will not use the Leica SL lens mount, but rather a new lens mount. Also the sensor seems not to come from Sony.

Do you think it is a good move from Panansonic, to offer next to MFT also a fullframe system?
Canon announced today its new fullframe mirrorless system. Similar to the Nikon Z-system, it will have a new lens mount. All new Canon lenses for this new system will have this new RF-mount.

Thanks to 3 (!) different adapters, all old Canon lenses are compatible with this new EOS-R system.

The first camera in this new system is called EOS-R. It has a fullframe sensor with 30,3 MP and Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Price of the body alone: $2.299. Available in October.
Only a few weeks left before Photokina 2018 starts. Several press announcements showed , that you have the option to go mirrorless with almost all brands and with almost all sensor sizes.

We are curious what your plans are for the next few months. Therefore we start a poll here about what you are planning to do. Which brand, which sensor format you most likely will choose and whether size of a whole system (body and lenses) is very important for you etc.
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